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One96: The CommUnity

Are you a Wellness Practitioner ready to bring your Highest Vision to Life?

Join The CommUnity where we Bring Your Brilliance to the World

Healers, Coaches, Mentors, Doctors, Therapists, Yogis, Circle Holders/Keepers, Intuitive Intelligence Teachers & Trainers, Dieticians, in other words, the folks who create a huge impact in the world, often without anyone noticing.

What is the One96 Method?

The One96 Method is a transformational process, to get you out of your own way to start, stabilise, grow and scale your business and create the life YOU desire. One96 helps you to create a full Life Vision, Align your Energy into Flow and recognise the beliefs, stories and patterns that have brought you to this point in your life. You'll uncover what is truly holding you back and how to "let go to grow" into your fullest potential, truly recognising your own innate brilliance and how to bring it to the world.

 There is no other method like it that has been specifically developed for business owners and wellness practitioners like you!

Inside The CommUnity

You'll find Circles to be seen, witnessed and heard as you grow your business & Spaces to find Collaborations and discuss topics, practices and rituals/disciplines in a deeper way with your peers, The One96 Method Program, Courses & Classes to learn practical online business skills, a Mastermind when you're ready to evolve and give back, plus a range of Topics for you to freely discuss with your peers, in a safe and private space.

Our Circles and Spaces are curated using The One96 Life Vision Flow and The Six Principles to Activate Your Highest Potential. Although you don't have to know the One96 Method, when you participate in Circles and Spaces, you'll start to notice small and big shifts as the One96 Method works its magic!

How so? Well, the One96 Method is built upon both Science and Spirituality and proven Life Coaching techniques that our Founder has brought together in a way that actually works to help you release resistance to bringing your brilliance to the world.

One96: The CommUnity is our Private Mighty Network exclusively for members, it's FREE to join and be a part of a movement of Wellness Practitioners bringing their Brilliance to the world. There are options to pay as you go for exclusive Courses & Classes and membership access to Circles & Spaces.
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