Unity Consciousness & Business Mastermind
for Spiritual Leaders & Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs who want to Revolutionise the World of Work



Nor should you try. Every time you find yourself isolated and alone, you need to know who you can turn to for support, guidance and some gentle (or kick-ass) accountability.

There's no business that's seen success without the help from peers. Each time you set a new intention, aim to reach a new goal or hit a new target, you're going to encounter some mindset wobbles and every now and then, setbacks which stand in your way.

When you know how to navigate the mindset and understand what you need to do to take inspired action, with a full team behind you (that you don't even have to hire), you'll find yourself able to focus instead of wandering off to distraction-land and wondering where the last few hours (on Social Media) have gone!


Our Members Benefit...

We're creating a Global Network of Creative & Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Side-Hustlers who want to do business differently.

You'll get exculsive access to the One96 Mind topics where you'll meet amazing entrepreneurs who'll share their successes (and what it takes to fail forward) on subjects like money, mindset, growth, hiring, marketing, sales and all the things you need in your biz.

  • Discover new ways of working in our awesome Co-Creation & Collaboration space where you'll stay inspired and get fast answers to your Q's that keep you stuck.
  • An exclusive app for you to have support literally in your pocket, wherever you go, so you'll never feel disconnected.
  • Member Rewards¬†to increase your abundance!
  • You'll be invited to Exclusive Events and Virtual Co-working days, where our One96 Mind members will work with you to help you to grow at a pace that is comfortable for you, ensuring you get what you need, when you need it the most.

All of this and so much more, our Community Managers are there to get you unstuck anytime!




Annual Membership is only $20 USD

We want to make sure that you find your zone of genius, work in collaboration and support with talented people who want you to succeed as much as they do.

We believe that our gifts and how we show up and serve will change the world, when we make decisions to Stand in our Power and truly devote ourselves to our core Vision and Mission.

We are here for you - all we ask of you, is that you make the commitment to give a new way of doing business a go, show up for yourself and for others so that we can as a Collective, truly Contribute to each other's success.

We are not alone. We are one. This is UNITY.

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