Welcome to One96

The CommUnity for Visionaires Leading Our Future

What Lights Up Your Heart & Soul?

What excites you to the point you shake when you speak?

Inside, each and every one of us is a Divine Plan for our Greatest Work to come to Light and be shared with the world.

When we ILLUMINATE what's inside of us, we change the world.

Your current reality, is one that has been created via an on-going set of circumstance, chances, co-creation and, influence of and by others.

Your current reality is a direct reflection of what's happening for you on the inside (your thoughts, beliefs, daily rituals and patterns) and is fully operated by your underlying subconscious belief system.

In Illuminate Your Life, we look at how to re-program the subconscious, move into a Conscious Centred way of Living plus, Trust & Surrender that the Superconsciousness of the Universe completely has it all under control for us.

All we need to do, is to tap into our Intuitive Guidance system every day.

We do this through Daily Meditation practice

Re-programming of the subconscious at the deepest level

Meeting & Releasing Fear

Inside this sacred space, you'll notice that we run things a little differently.

There's no hierarchy, instead we have Topics which are discussed in the form of Circle.

"Circle creates a collaborative field where people can contribute to and influence the organizations they work within. A circle-based company is talking openly to itself. Circle fosters a sense of partnership with hierarchy: everyone has a place where they know their voices are heard." - The Circle Way

We are here to Elevate & Rise as One

What's Included in your membership?

- Monthly virtual live circle hosted by Susan Young

- Virtual leadership call from people who will inspire you to Rise

-A supportive community of like-minded women who are committed to growth and transformation all housed inside a beautiful social platform

-Direct access and mentoring from Susan Young

-Daily practice and rituals to help you stay on track with your Soul Path

-A vault of topics & guided mediations with accompanying supporting materials where you can openly discusss and share with your peers

The Illuminate Comm(unity) is a gathering place where people just like you are led by a council of circle holders, leaders and teachers, changemakers and pioneers.

All here to Illuminate Your Life.

#livewhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo

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